AO Custom Cables

Posted by Andrew
AO Custom Cables

I’m doing my best to use top-quality stuff while keeping the cost down and affordable–these cables are built for rugged use, and are tremendously shielded for extremely noiseless use. Below is some info and a pricelist for what’s cranking out of here:

Currently, all cables are made with either:
Canare Cable—GS-6 and L-2T2S+ for Instrument cables, and 4S8 for Speaker cables
Mogami 2524 cable (see below for descriptions of Canare and Mogami)
(if you are interested in other wire like Jerry’s Belden Blue, let me know and I can get it. Or if you want a $200 10′ Van Den Hul guitar cable, I can get that too)

All Plugs are Professional-Grade Neutrik Straights, Right Angles and Silents (Silent Straight and RA Plugs kill the signal when unplugged without popping the amp, so you don’t have to turn anything off between guitar changes, etc). These plugs are built for a lifetime of use, have great strain relief, and can take an amazing amount of abuse.

All of these cables are hand-soldered and tested by me here in the shop and made immediately to order–I can usually get to your order within a week. Any length or type can be made, so inquire for special applications–Stereo Y for you guys with Onboard Effects Loops (OBEL), snakes, XLRs, Speak-Ons for your PA, you name it—if I don’t have it, I can make it. I’m also making Canare 4S8 Speaker Hook-up Cables either for your Combo Amp (with various connectors available, or stripped for direct soldering to your speaker’s terminals) or for your Head-to-Cabinet connections. These make a huge difference over the cheap lamp-cord speaker wire used in most amps.

For rugged stage use, I like to add a product called Techflex to the runs of cable over 12” patch cords. It is basically a plastic mesh (kind of like the old Chinese Finger Traps) that is put on over the cable and protects it from cuts and abrasion from being stepped on and stuff. The cable still remains extremely flexible, and winds nicely. It comes in a variety of colors: Black, Blue, Carbon, Red, Grey, and Orange.

Canare Cable, Straight Plug-to-Straight Plug :


Currently, my big thing is building Dual Cables for the OBEL-equipped players, inspired by Jerry Garcia’s rig. This is not the same as his stereo-Y setup, though it effectively does the same thing with more rugged, reliable connections. In conjunction with my junction box called the Wheel, the Dual Cable brings your signal out of your guitar through a stereo cable to your effect chain, through your effects, and then back into the guitar through the stereo cable. Then it goes back out of the mono cable to your amp. So technically, you’re running three signal routs through two cables out of your guitar. And all of these connections are being made inside the Wheel, which is housed in a box the same size as any MXR effect. For the Dual Cables, I’m using a larger, Red & Black or Black & Grey wrap.

Dual Cables for Garcia/OBEL wiring:


OBEL Stereo-Y Cable = add $20 to Dual Cable prices

I stock Canare cable in Black, Red, and Blue. I can also acquire it in Grey, Yellow, and Orange.

Mogami only comes in Black

Right Angle Plugs = add $2/plug (not per cable)
Neutrik Silent Plug = add $10
Techflex = add .50/foot

Any color combination of Canare and Techflex can be made, just be sure to specify when ordering.
Here is a shot of my current inventory (Techflex on top, cables on bottom).

In addition to the cables, I have also built Custom Pedalboards. I’m willing to hand-wire your existing pedalboard with new cables, if you’d like a professional, tight installation done for you. I will make hand-soldered interconnects, but I also deal Lava Cables, and their solderless cables and hardware are the best around for wiring pedalboards. They’re made with super rugged, small plugs so you can get pedals nice and close together, and most importantly, they sound killer. I’m also a PedalTrain dealer, so I can hook you up with a new board, all wired and ready to go–just send me your pedals. Feel free to call if you have any ideas that you’d like to talk about.

COMING SOON: I’ve been asked by a few guys here about Custom Speaker Cabinets, and am thinking about putting a few into production if the demand is there. Please let me know if it’s something that you may be interested in, and I’ll look into building a few. I currently deal Eminence, Celestion, and Tone Tubby speakers, but your options are certainly not limited to those.

  1. Mike10-31-11

    Hey Andrew,

    I’m getting an OBEL installed on my guitar. I would like you to make the cables for me. I’m not sure what the standard is? I’ve seen people use a stereo cable with a pedal to loop it, but I think I need a stereo to 2 mono jacks for the loop. + a mono to mono for guit-amp – all wraped in Teck Flex. Let me know what you think.

  2. James12-08-11


    I was wondering do you have a thicker gauge wire for a bass instrument cable or is the wire you use already thick enough for such

    • AO12-15-11

      The cables I use are just fine for bass, James. Most times, the thicker-feeling cables have the same conductor size, they just beef up the outer jacket of the cable to make it feel thicker and make it a little more rugged. I do have some thicker gauge stuff if you’d prefer it, but the Canare GS-6 is an excellent cable for all instruments. I can then add TechFlex to the cable to make it more rugged, as well.

  3. charles02-13-13

    Hi Andrew,
    I have a project where I need 4 cables with the older Switchcraft (flat) pancake ends at each end. They patch a chassis on a combo amp, which is located at the top of the cabinet, with a small (older ’40′s) PA head that sits at the bottom of the cabinet. In order to make plugging in an easy access, these “patch” cords will run from the upper small chassis, down the the small PA amp.

    I need 4 lengths, 20″, 18″, 16″ and 14″, for the four inputs that the PA has.
    Can you give me a price? Thanks so much, sincerely